Håkan Rosén, Board member

L Education: MSc Civil Engineering, MSc Business Administration

L Member of the board since: 2017, M&A advisor

L Other assignments: Board Member Saab Transpondertech AB, ELITS Global Group AB

L Main work experience: Head of Saab Ventures, Head of business unit within Saab Group. Director Mergers & Acquisitions Saab Group Finance

Gösta Sundberg, Board member

L Education: Computer Science

L Member of the board since: 2008

L Other assignments: Board Member Sigfridshäll i Växjö AB, IST AB

L Main work experience: Senior Lecturer Computer Science at Linnaeus University, IT official in various technology companies

Björn Sundeby, Founder and Chairman of the Board

L Education: Business Economics, Economics and Statistics at Linnaeus University in Växjö

L Other assignments: Board member Glucox Biotech, Vikingaliv AB Main work experience: Serial entrepreneur, started his first business at the age of 24, has started 30 companies, mostly within IT

Christina Rosén, Board member

L Education: Education as a teacher of English and German, PhD thesis in German at Lund University

L Member of the board since: 2013

L Other Assignments: Assistant professor in German at Linnaeus University, Roséns Språkkonsult

L Main work experience: Teacher of German and English, German language courses at companies, Guest professor at Kiel University, Research into Language Acquisition, Language Economy and Digital Tools in Language Education