IST Trainee program

IST Trainee program

The program

The 18 month long trainee program is IST's way of helping the fresh trainees to 'Learn More'. The work on the trainee tasks themselves take up 20 % of our time, while the remaining 80 % are filled with a regular workload. This is a great way for us to learn to know the people in IST and the teams, and to give us some actual on-the-job training. We've each been assigned a personal mentor that will follow our progress and guide us for the duration of the program. While we're going to spend 20 % of our time on working on the actual trainee project, we're also going to attend several trainee modules (more on the first module later) which are going teach us to attack our project in different manners than most of us are used too, and help develop our innovative abilities.

The project

The 12 of us have been assigned into three different groups, and we're ready to start working on the project.. but what is it? Our project brief is to develop a service or an app in conjunction with IST Home. This should be something that is useful for interaction between students and guardians in their daily life, but connected to school life as well. By the end of the 18 months we will hopefully look at three good ideas for services, if not three fully implemented and published solutions. You might think that the brief is not very specific, but that is the point. Each of the teams are to come up with their own ideas on how to attack this problem, and just like a startup would, try to sell the idea to IST.

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