IST starts trainee programme

IST starts trainee programme

IST starts trainee programme to recruit the best developers

28 / 3 - 2017

Educational IT company IST is starting an international trainee programme to attract and engage the most sophisticated developers. Twelve out of a total of four hundred applicants from around the globe have been accepted on the programme and are already performing a combination of training and innovative work tasks.

“We are a growing company and need to continuously increase our staff strength. The programme is a way for us to find and attract skilled new designers. It is also an opportunity for us to provide talented young people with a chance to develop and actually find work creatively in the areas in which innovation is needed,” says Tommy Eklund, the Managing Director of IST.

From different countries
The twelve trainees, who were chosen after some tough work trials, consist of young men and women with an educational background at university level and a focus on IT. Several of the participants are English-speaking and come from countries such as Ukraine, Norway and Pakistan.

“We welcome applicants from around the world. We now have nine different nationalities at work in IST and, as the corporate language is English, communication and collaboration works without a hitch,” says Torbjörn Karlsson, Head of IST Products.

Most the trainees are located at IST’s offices in Växjö, but a few are also on site at the company’s office in Oslo. The program involves a rotation scheme, which means that all participants change offices for about six months to get the maximum benefit from their period as a trainee.

Rapid growth

IST is experiencing significant growth and aims to employ about one person a week until 2020.
The company is planning to start up a new trainee programme at the beginning of 2018, when a further 15 new trainees will be enrolled in the programme. They will be placed in the company’s offices in Växjö, Linköping, Stockholm, Oslo and Roskilde.

“We need to hire continuously to keep up to pace with our rapid growth. Through our trainee programme, we will be able to attract and train still more skilled and dedicated employees to become part of the IST,” says Karlsson.

About IST’s trainee programme

The trainee programme began in January 2017 and will last for 18 months. The programme includes a combination of work, learning modules, and performance of a specific strategic task focused on innovation. The innovation roles are connected to IST’s new business area, called IST Home office, which is situated in Linköping. The learning modules have been designed by training company Mannaz, which has had close collaboration with IST throughout the trainee programme.

For more information, contact

Tommy Eklund, CEO IST,, 076–610 56 30
Torbjörn Karlsson, Head of IST Products, torbjö, 070-592 32 30