IST und Combitech in neuer Kooperation zur Informationssicherheit in Schulen

2 / 6 - 2017

There is just one year to go before the new, more stringent data protection legislation (GDPR) comes into effect within the EU. This replaces the existing Data Protection Directive and affects all branches, companies and organizations which collect or process the personal information of EU citizens. IST and Combitech are now entering a co-operation to assist municipalities and schools in this work. 

– Schools process significant quantities of sensitive data and will be affected by these rules on many levels. But despite this, we see that many schools are not sufficiently prepared. With our combined competence within school administration and information security, we have a good opportunity to support and educate schools on these issues, says Torbjörn Karlsson, Head of Business Unit IST Products.

Stricter requirements
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018. Stricter requirements regarding the processing of personal data is one of the biggest changes. This also involves identifying critical data flows, preventing cyber threats and determining how these issues should be addressed. 

Another important change is the requirement for companies and organizations to report any breaches of personal data, within 72 hours, to the data protection authority. If certain individuals are affected and the breach is of a serious nature, those affected must be informed. Businesses, bodies and organizations showing deficiencies and shortcomings in the processing of personal data risk substantial fines of up to 4% of their annual turnover. 

– In practice, this means that all schools must not only make an inventory of personal data that is processed and stored but also create routines to ensure the data is handled properly. However, that is still not enough. One must also be able to demonstrate that these procedures are being followed, meaning a lot of work remains for many schools, explains Torbjörn Karlsson.

Contribute to secure digitalization
IST and Combitech will, amongst other things, offer joints courses and workshops that identify critical flows in schools and assist in efforts to address the risks. 

Combitech are experts in security and IST are experts on schools and school systems. Together, we will be able to contribute to a greater level of security in the upbringing and schooling of children, and it feels great, says Pernilla Rönn, Business Area Manager Information Security at Combitech.

The main challenge for many organizations, regardless of branch and sector, is to protect their operations and simultaneously take advantage of all the benefits resulting from digitalization. This is where the new rules regarding data protection will be of great use because they are actually forcing organizations to review security risks and streamline their data and communication flows, she says. 

Pernilla Rönn’s advice to ensure your activities comply with the legislation when it comes into effect: 
– Knowledge and education are key factors
– Conduct a survey to see how personal data is used
– Map critical data flows and identify where personal data is stored
– Find out which security measures are required and plan for these

About GDPR
The purpose of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to strengthen the rights of EU citizens and control their own personal information. Personal data means any data that can identify an individual not just the name and social security number, but also pictures, addresses or technical identifiers such as IP addresses which can identify the person in question. 

About Combitech
Combitech is a Nordic technology consultancy firm with almost 1,900 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Combitech is the Nordic leader within Cyber Security with almost 250 certified security consultants who help companies and authorities to prevent and manage cyber threats. Combitech is an independent company within the defence and security group, Saab AB.

About IST
IST is the leading Nordic Supplier of IT solutions for schools and childcare. The objective is to improve the workday and activities for teachers, pupils and parents with the help of smarter IT solutions and value-creating services. Today, the company has around 300 employees, around half of whom have backgrounds within schools and pedagogy.

For further information contact
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Pernilla Rönn, Business Area Manager information Security, Combitech,, 070-695 02 27