EduCloud - SS12000

EduCloud - SS12000

EduCloud makes school data available according to new standard SS12000

21 / 11 - 2018

Digitization sets higher demands for schools and Sweden's municipalities. One of the challenges consists of sharing information between different systems safely, opening for managing different kinds of content. Now, the EdTech-company IST launches the new EduCloud service. EduCloud is a service that ensures that data management complies with all regulatory frameworks, while making the information more accessible to those who should be able to see it.

“An important part of school development is about giving students and teachers access to more and better digital services. All users must feel secure that data in schools is handled safely, but we also need to have accessible and flexible systems that enable service providers to deliver good solutions. With EduCloud we solve both problems," says Svante Erwing, product manager at IST.

Unique simple and safe handling
With the help of EduCloud, the municipalities can easily manage which service providers access exactly what data, school by school. The administrator gets a quick and easy overview, and they can choose to manually or automatically turn off data flows for integrations that should no longer be active. The municipalities thus gain access to data management and meet the GDPR requirements at the same time.

Many of the country's leading service providers have already joined and are ready to connect to the service. These include Skolon, Unikum, Nova Software, Gleerups, Jarocka, Schoolido, TimeEdit and Dugga. Connecting further service providers is very easy and creates additional opportunities for the municipalities to tailor their solutions.

“Today, there are a lot of services provided by non-school companies that supply resources to the schools and create a basis for better learning. Through EduCloud, suppliers can retrieve basic data from schools and share it in the most secure way possible while the municipalities keep control of their rights management. EduCloud is not just a step forward as a service, but also a tangible example of our constant desire to open for integration. Together, we create more value for schools,” says Svante Erwing.

The first to following the new standard
The cloud-based information-hub EduCloud complies with the new Swedish standard SS12000, developed for a national information exchange between principals and service providers. IST is first among suppliers to support, and is itself a driving force of helping create, the standard. Identification through SkolID ensures that the right information is accessible for the right person or service in a GDPR-safe, easy and user-friendly way.

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