Why does IST have a trainee program?

Why does IST have a trainee program?

Why does IST have a trainee program?

7 / 1 - 2020

At IST, we want to make sure we secure the competence needed to support the future of the company, as well as the edtech industry as a whole. We want to attract and retain the best and the brightest and give future leaders the chance to grow and develop. To be able to do so, we’ve developed our trainee program.

The 12-month long trainee program is designed to give the trainees as many opportunities as possible to “learn more” and aims to provide them with new insights and experiences from different business areas, departments, markets and countries. All trainees are employed from day 1 and spend four days a week working in a normal role at the company. The last day they spend time on their specific trainee assignments, working together in smaller groups. For those that want to, there is an opportunity for all trainees to spend an extended time during the year working in another team or at one of our other offices, to support the development of a collaborative culture and create a personal network within the company.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
The program accepts both students that have recently graduated and are looking for their first permanent position, as well as young people that have been employed at IST and are looking to develop in their role. The recruitment process is very selective, including both an application, interviews, and a practical test. It does not, however, matter where the trainees are located – all trainees are spread out across all IST offices. The weekly meetings for the smaller groups take place using video conference tools, and all trainees meet up for a few days several times throughout the year to attend learning modules.

In 2019, the project was based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. The trainees worked to find ways to use this cutting-edge technology for the greater good and to make positive changes in the field of education.  

A Learning Process
Throughout the program, the trainees get to know IST, the people and processes, and get some on-the-job training. Each trainee is assigned a personal mentor who keeps track of their progress and takes on the role of a personal guide throughout the program. The trainees also attend several learning modules, which help them approach their challenges and tasks and encourages them to think in new ways. These modules include learning about innovation and creative processes, business transformation and concept development, project management and group development.

Responsible for the program is Sinead Jacobsson, talent and learning coordinator at IST, and Lucas Grind, a consultant specializing in creative processes and innovation. 

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