IST named Växjö's most bicycle-friendly workplace 2019

IST named Växjö's most bicycle-friendly workplace 2019

IST named Växjö's most bicycle-friendly workplace 2019

29 / 11 - 2019

With 3 gold stars, IST is the winner of Växjö's most bicycle-friendly workplace!  For the third year in a row, Växjö Municipality gave out an award to promote cycling in the region.

Every year, Växjö Municipality awards the most bicycle-friendly workplace, and this year IST is the winner of the prize! The competition aims to promote cycling and to encourage Växjö based companies to better support those who to cycle to work.

Three gold stars
There are three levels in the competition, depending on how many criteria a company meets. IST has achieved the highest level of 3 gold stars having fulfilled 20 of the 26 available criteria. The award ceremony for 'Växjö's most bicycle-friendly workplace' was held during the Technical Board's meeting, and Henrik Eklund from IST was there to accept the award.

The jury's motivation for naming IST as the most bicycle-friendly workplace was:

"Although this is the first year the company participates, they already met almost all of the criteria. IST Group has great ambitions when it comes to bicycle promotion activities, including a travel policy that prioritizes cycling and walking. They show action by, for example, providing IST employees with a discount from a local bicycle shop and giving them the possibility to lease a bicycle through the company."

"The benefits of taking the bike are promoted internally through the intranet, lectures and meetings. The company promotes winter cycling by offering a discount on winter tires for employees' bicycles during working hours. The jury is impressed with the work IST has done during a short time period and look forward to seeing IST Group continue to develop into an even more bicycle-friendly workplace. With the award we hope that other companies and organizations can be inspired by IST Group's fantastic work with bicycle promoting activities."

Together for a greener future
Promoting cycling is one of many sustainable initiatives at IST. We have a travel policy that prioritizes cycling, communal IST bikes, discounts from a local bicycle shop and the possibility to lease a bike through the company. These are just a few examples of the activities IST have to promote cycling.

”In a city like Växjö, cycling is the perfect method of transportation. We want to encourage bicycling, both from a sustainable perspective but also from a health perspective. We are thrilled and proud to be the winner of this award!” says Anne Fredriksen, CPO for IST Group.

IST wants to be ”best in class” based on the UN global sustainable goals. We are also certified according to Svensk Miljöbas.