We open up the digital learning platform Schoolido for Sweden's schools

We open up the digital learning platform Schoolido for Sweden's schools

We open up the digital learning platform Schoolido for Sweden's schools

17 / 3 - 2020

Due to the prevailing situation with covid-19, IST is now opening up the digital learning service Schoolido for Sweden's schools during the spring term. The service is easy to get started with, and facilitates teaching both at school and at a distance. To help teachers get started with the tool faster, we also offer free webinars.

Schoolido is a learning platform from IST, which offers more opportunities for learning, at school or at a distance. The tool is user-friendly and easy to get started with, and during the spring term we will give Sweden's schools free access to the basic functions of the platform. In order for teachers to get started with the tool faster, we also offer a free webinar. Read more about our webinars (in Swedish) for Schoolido here.

What is Schoolido?
Schoolido is an award-winning teaching-aid-centered tool from IST, creating a simpler everyday life for teachers and pupils in primary school. Subjects are explained in an educational way with text, pictures, films, read text, training tasks and explanatory models. The tool is easy to operate and all material has a clear connection to the curriculum. It's a tool that makes it possible to maintain good teaching both at school and at a distance.

This is what you get with IST's learning platform Schoolido:

  • Reviewed topics
    Get complete content for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, HKK, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Social Studies, English, Swedish, SVA for year 7-9, and Biology, Physics, Chemistry for year 4-6. The content has been produced by and reviewed together with subject teachers and teacher educators.
  • Multimodal content
    Thousands of educational articles with a clear link to the different parts of the curriculum, didactic models, illustrations, films, quizzes, exercises, easy planning tools and much more. All content is linked to each subject's respective syllabus.
  • Clickable syllabuses
    Wherever you are in Schoolido, you can see which parts of the course syllabuses you work with in one click. For students, it gives a clear overview and opportunity to follow their own development. For teachers, it provides both an overview and inspiration for planning your teaching.
  • Practice questions
    Help students practice for upcoming exam periods and national exams. There are shortcuts to previous exams from the National Agency for Education and more practice examples from Schoolido. Students get tips on strategies, inspiration and simple checklists to work with.
  • Lots of exercises
    We help you with a broad repertoire of different types of exercises and assignments, from content exercises and Socratic conversations to mathematics assignments with solution suggestions. All have links to both central content and the various knowledge requirements and long-term goals that will be repeated in each course syllabus. See more here >>
  • Planning tools
    Create and share your own plans with Schoolido's content, with your own, or from other sources if you wish. In the gallery you can find more inspiration, thematic and cross-cutting planning created by our subject reviewers. Choose and share directly with your students or add and customize existing schedules to suit you. See more here >>
  • Special educational functions
    Schoolido has, with the support of SPSM, developed a number of additional functions, from read from text, change of font, text size, to high contrast mode and time-delimiting sections. Each user can customize and change their settings. See more here >>
  • Integrations
    All content on Schoolido can be shared via collaborative platforms such as Google and Microsoft. In times like these, we encourage you to share your own lessons and find ways of teaching, when needed, through the platforms that are made for it.

Schoolido offers seamless integration with Google Suite for Education and with its open deep links integrates with any other system. The content is clearly structured and the functions included are easy to handle.

Get started with Schoolido today!

If you need help and guidance, there are also built-in guides and help resources, as well as support via support@schoolido.se.


One of our customer promises is to create the best possible learning environments by understanding our users and their needs. As half of our employees have worked as teachers, administrators and school managers, we have first-hand knowledge of life in schools.