UX designer at IST: Together they are building the future learning platform

UX designer at IST: Together they are building the future learning platform

UX designer at IST: Together they are building the future learning platform

1 / 6 - 2020

To understand the user and to develop products that simplify planning, assessment, evaluation and communication in school – that’s the goal for Ester and Anna, who are working as UX designers at IST.  

“The best thing about being a designer is to develop an idea from its first sketch into a complete product together with the users who are actually going to use the product. To be part of creating the framework for a simplified everyday life and a positive user experience – both for students and teachers.”


Ester Svensson and Anna Anchér work as UX designers at IST. In their role, they are building the next generation user-friendly learning platform. In close dialogue with the users they create the framework for simplified planning, assessment, evaluation, and communication between teachers and students. 

The goal for a UX designer: a simple and clear structure 

UI stands for User Interface and refers to how a product looks, including colours, buttons, and fonts. UX stands for User Experience and refers to how the user uses the product in the most simple and smooth way. Or, as our UX designers Anna and Ester say, UX is the map showing the best way from A to B, and UI makes the journey interesting and pleasant.  

Many people working in pre-schools and schools spend a lot of time every day on complicated IT systems to be able to do their job. This is time that is needed for the students and for teaching. That’s why it is important to create a clear and simple structure for everyone, in order to use the time for value-creating activities

Today a functioning product is not enough – a good user experience is also very important. A learning platform should simplify the everyday school life. Both students, parents, teachers and administrators must understand how to use the product. It has to be intuitive and not demand previous knowledge.  

A UX designer must understand the user 

Both Anna and Ester appreciate the user contact they have in their role as UX designers, and they try to always see things from the users’ perspective. Based on that, they try to create simple and intuitive products. They want to understand what difficulties the user might experience and develop a more user-friendly solution.  

“It’s about eliminating possible frictions, that’s the most important part of our job. We want to create value by making the user experience as smooth as possible. It should be clear for the user what has to be done, and what the purpose of any page is. We want to create a simple everyday life for everyone in school. A positive user experience simplifies the job, and provides more time for what’s important.” 

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